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Multi-Tool Stahl Cut and Perf 25mm
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İlan Kodu: 503
İlan Sahibi: PressMak Mak. Tic. A.Ş.
İlan Tarihi: 26.08.2017
Stok Durumu: Stokta Var

Multi-Tool Stahl Cut or Perf 25mm What makes the Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool such a remarkable tool to use? Produces flat and nearly invisible micro-perforations on a wide range of stocks, so precise that the perfed sheets easily run through laser printers or presses Produces razor sharp slitting, double cutting and edge trimming that is comparable to guillotine cutting Lets your folder produce cover stocks 2 or 3-up for substantial increases in folding machine yield. Or run multi-panel work up to .040" thick. Reduces downtime for knife changes...cutting knives last 5 times as long as conventional folding machine cutting knives Combines close proximity micro-perforating and cutting Eliminates outsourcing of micro-perforating Allows you to handle jobs you used to turn away Saves thousands in smashed up blankets Puts an end to broken perf blades Simple installation requires NO special operator skills

İlan Detayları
Uyumluluk : Stahl Cut and Perf 25mm
Garanti : Evet
Sipariş Kodu : MT-03
Mil Çapı (mm) : 25mm
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